GIRVIN Office, 121 Stewart Street, Suite 212, Seattle, WA 98101


Girvin's work focuses on community, relationships and communication. And how this practice and attention adds value to your business. We see them as being aligned - if there are messages that need to be expressed, it's a matter of creating resonance, in relevance, in those messages. Everyone is different in how they experience things, how they perceive content and the visualization of information. It's our role to see, separate and define this orientation.

We create links between people, based on over 30 years of working internationally in orchestrating messages in all media. What is the story? Our story, our practice, is fixed on the strategic implications of emotion in connecting people to ideas and ideals. For us, everything we do is about this human magnetism. How does one feel, how is one drawn in compelled attraction, to something.

And your brand is only about that - how well people understand your story. And how they embrace the story of your brand. How they really care about it. And how you really care about it. And then, finally, how people connect with each other in the community that lives around your brand. It's in the telling that is important. That's our work. What's your story?