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April 22, 2014

The Illustration of Ideas, the Letter form as a Magical Device

…In a matter of definition, the experiencer is transformed. Comprehension is transported. And comprehension, to prehend, is to hold. What, in your journey, do you hold? Apple noted this in their first-time positioning of the iPad, with Peter Coyote’s voiceover. “A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” (2010) The conventional wisdom presupposes that magic is “the power of apparently influencing the c… Continue reading

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August 6, 2013

The Book of Signs, the Book of Symbols,
the Sign of the Book, the Signal of the Sigil

…u ever heard — “wow, I just love that, it’s magic.” That could be a place, a visit, an experience, an object, a product, a person. Not so unusual, that word, when you consider that Apple positioned the iPad as a “magical” device. Like lustre and lustrous, to illustrate an idea is to make it brighter, to make it shine. Shining, like epiphany, is a slip to another world, it’s the other side of “not-sh… Continue reading

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March 13, 2013

Twister | Kiev
The metaphor of the story, the storm

Designing story, in place, the allegory of nature, space — in making a place I find myself in the study of the symbolic, the metaphorical – and, to the end, the magical. I recall when Apple defined the iPad as ‘magical.” An interesting choice of language in defining an object. What is magic? Etymologically, there are precedents to defining magic in relationship to machines: From the late 14c., from Old French magique, f… Continue reading

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January 18, 2013

Building the Cult of Yogurt

…vin consulting and strategic efforts. Other analytical tours began to examine models for yogurt delivery and production — studying idealized service, processional layouts, equipment and product configurations. iPad journal notations and photographs: The metaphor of Farm — F R E S H THE MODELING FOCUSED ON OPERATIONAL AND DELIVERY STRATEGIES, FLAVORING AND CONDIMENTS YOGURT TYPES AND CONTAINMENTS. Solutions were presente… Continue reading

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October 17, 2012

Paper, ink, the book — the printed package

…n, running your fingers over the surface, feel them — the messages are imported in the mind, the fingertips in a wholly different manner. I’d written in the past about the power of the book [even though I own both iPad and Kindle] as a sensualist experience. It’s print. It’s different than a screen. Bill Hill, a Microsoft UI / typographic strategist, talks about his design of screen import and visual character. The running… Continue reading

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August 21, 2012

Apple is the most valuable company in history

…e heady days of the Internet boom. After a four-month dip, Apple’s stock has hit new highs recently because of optimism around what is believed to be the impending launch of the iPhone 5, and possibly a smaller, cheaper iPad. Apple Inc. has been the world’s most valuable company since the end of last year. It’s now worth 54 percent more than No. 2 Exxon Mobil Corp. Apple’s stock closed at $665.15. That was an all-time high… Continue reading

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November 16, 2011


…here — the emerging and the next horizon. Because around any corner, next moment, what might that be? Long back, I shot with multiple cameras, including video. Now I shoot mostly with one — the iPhone, as well as iPad. I gather, sort, delete and add, duplicate, filter and adjust till I’m at the best grouping of selections. Then I shift them all further — till what I’m seeing is what I’m feeling. But in every… Continue reading

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November 12, 2011

The Script of Screen | Macintosh and the iPad

The Script of Screen | Macintosh logos, the Finger Stroke and the iDesign Environments iPad, iPhone, Air or Paper: drawing words like music Calligraphy, Steve Jobs and the Macintosh When I was working with Steve Jobs, the first job was drawing for, and with, the Macintosh. “Can you draw with this — a mouse?” I tried, and it wasn’t easy. This, the late 70s, early 80s. There were other times, in the spanning of time. IR… Continue reading

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October 19, 2011


EXPLORING RETAIL DESIGN / PLACEMAKING EXPERIMENTS IN STORE STRATEGY AND CHARITABLE CAUSES Notations with the iPad | Journal Making + Site Explorations TRAVELING We’re always looking. With Girvin’s connection to Nordstrom, we went to explore more — the West Broadway, NYC: Treasure & Bond. This journal is a iPad sketchbook gathering. From mid August, they’ve opened for business — the concept is a market learni… Continue reading

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October 10, 2011


(iPhoneZenBrush) THE CARTOGRAPHY OF DESIGN THINKING | Part two Doodles, scribbles, mapping and documentation: Brandquesting┬«, brand navigation and creative brand business applications for the iPad People fire brands — brands are created by people for people — and engaging people in the process of understanding brands, building them, expanding their strategies is a foundation for how we work. That principle isn’t uncommon … Continue reading

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