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September 10, 2015

iPad: Capturing ideas and journeys

Capturing Ideas and Design Journeys iPad: Drafting creativity | Brand Cartography (iPhoneZenBrush) DIGITAL NOTEMAKING: THE CARTOGRAPHY OF DESIGN THINKING Doodles, scribbles, mapping and documentation: Brandquesting®, brand navigation and creative brand business applications for the  iPad People fire brands — brands are created by people for people — and engaging people in the process of understanding brands, building them, expanding their strate… Continue reading

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May 14, 2010

Steve Jobs, Calligraphy, Lloyd Reynolds and Reed College

…at calligraphy actually was. But there were outposts. In writing a series of pieces about Steve Jobs, Apple and iPad, I continued to reference the link to Jobs that Girvin’s has had over the past decades. It was at Stanford that I met Jobs — he spoke and I reached out to him. From there, he brought me to work as a designer for Apple, working on Macintosh. Then other projects…year on year. Steve had referenced his time at Reed Co… Continue reading

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April 28, 2015

The Shimmering

…ariably offer: Disney and Apple. Interestingly, Apple played on its notation of “magic” in its propositions for iPad — a magical device. That’s been explained in the premise that the magic isn’t in the hardware, but how humans use it. And the interplay of all these examinations come back to the bridge between the notion of humanity and feelingness and the motion to build something grander than the one alone, but rather the leadership circles and… Continue reading

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August 6, 2013

The Book of Signs, the Book of Symbols,
the Sign of the Book, the Signal of the Sigil

…erience, an object, a product, a person. Not so unusual, that word, when you consider that Apple positioned the iPad as a “magical” device. Like lustre and lustrous, to illustrate an idea is to make it brighter, to make it shine. Shining, like epiphany, is a slip to another world, it’s the other side of “not-shining” — it’s darkness. See more, it’s “light.” A transformation is the moveme… Continue reading

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