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February 1, 2010

The sense of the book: iPad / eBook interface

The sentience of reading experience: Kindle vs. iPad, an exploration of dimensionality. This from GadgetLab: “But some die-hard e-reader fans like Len Edgerly, who hosts the weekly Kindle Chronicles podcast, say pretty e-books aren’t as big a draw as some would think. “When I am reading, I don’t want to be too distracted,” he says. “It’s about the words, and when I read the Kindle, it seems to bring me closer to the author’s words. That’s… Continue reading

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January 27, 2010

Steven P. Jobs, the iPad Apple Tablet, and the Drawn Story

Firescript: the hand, the drawing, the gesture and a legacy. I’ve got history on the concept of the tablet. Friends of mine, running hardware design at Microsoft – I told them – what about the idea of showing the art of what this hardware could be? What can, what could, it do? No go. But that never came to pass — it was abandoned nearly as quickly as the hardware dropped out of sight, off the table. That was then, this w… Continue reading

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February 17, 2010

Human Brands | Innovation and the Auteur Model of Brand Creation

Steve Jobs, iPad and the persona of innovation. In the past, I’ve explored the idea of the human brand, a persona driven organization type that focuses on the character of central leadership in defining brand approaches to enterprise and marketing expression. The idea of person, alone, driving a brand isn’t new. Brands are made by people for people. Someone, inherently, will be at the top. And the long shadow that comes from that pe… Continue reading

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April 28, 2015

The Shimmering

…ariably offer: Disney and Apple. Interestingly, Apple played on its notation of “magic” in its propositions for iPad — a magical device. That’s been explained in the premise that the magic isn’t in the hardware, but how humans use it. And the interplay of all these examinations come back to the bridge between the notion of humanity and feelingness and the motion to build something grander than the one alone, but rather the leadership circles and… Continue reading

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September 25, 2014

The Sign | A Meditation on a Journey in Storytelling

…attle: Street Signage, NYC: Body signage, Bangkok, Thailand: The New, an improvised sign, NYC: A signing draft, iPad, NYC: A sign, Virginia Mason, Seattle: Retail signing, NYC. Interbay, Signing, Seattle: Glass Signing, Alameda, CA: PopIn signing, Seattle: Signing, SantaFe, New Mexico: The Sign of the Gesture. Kanban, Tokyo Girvin Rare Book Library, Seattle: Post-it signage, Seattle: Lighthouse, SFo: Factory signing, Salem, OR: Street signing, SF… Continue reading

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July 1, 2014

A Journey of Personal Perfume | Selfridges&Co.

…e place is luminous, translucent and, like perfume [through smoke] theatrically misted. With your interrogatory iPad interviews, the scent exploration continues, room by room, chambered scents that are tested to response [pleasant or unpleasant] and your profiling is fulfilled, in the end, with your technically-manufactured scent amalgam. 15 minutes, the voyage to perfumed self discovery. Given the vaporous nature of perfume, it’s exceedingly cha… Continue reading

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August 19, 2014

7 YEARS: The iPhone and Vogue

…; Courtesy of; Courtesy of iPhone 5S leather case, $39 iPad Air in Space Gray, from $499 Photo: (from left) Courtesy of (2); Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, April 2014 Olloclip 4-in-1 lens system for iPhone 5/5S, $70 Marc by Marc Jacobs Foil iphone 5/5S case, $38 Afterlight, $1 Photo: (clockwise from left) Jeff Henrikson; Co… Continue reading

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