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March 15, 2008

Scent, Memory, Package | The Perfumed Equation

…0,000 unique visitors in January: “I like shoes, but shoes are boring.” And she lives here: The Six Scents of Karen Dubin The perfume industry’s capital is Paris, but you can find its heart online at Since 2004, founder Karen Dubin and manager Karen Adams have led some 500,000 fragrance lovers in exploring the compositional notes and emotional impact of perfume. Dubin, who owns too many scents to count, highl… Continue reading

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May 19, 2008

08*08*08 | Incense, Perfume, Chinese Branding & the Olympics

…er to climb to a new self image and societal presentation. But why, then, is there a challenge in the framing of scent marketing to Chinese psychic transition, enthusiastically adopting yet another westernized branded beauty — and luxury — tradition? Perfume and the art of scent in China I met with NYTimes fragrance specialist — and writer — Chandler Burr ( in Seattle as well as NYC, and we talked abo… Continue reading

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December 13, 2009

Scent and sentience: brand experience in place, scent in space

…of sandy, hot beach sort of note opening, with a follow-on series of rubber, cocoa and finally, metal layers of scent sequences…I can still scent it now.” And describe it too. People are ill-equipped to describe the specific character of the layering of fragrance. The mastery of the art of perfume is a formidable undertaking. There are literally hundreds of defined, essential scents — captured — and surely thousands more… Continue reading

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January 10, 2010

Scent and the fragrance of place

…efinition of recollection in experience. You can recall an experience, a place been — and you can name the scent of place. It’s interesting how scent is so subtle, to offer hints and wisps that incessantly shift and waft in, and out, and back in again. Entering any place, aside from sight and touch, I reach to scent. What is the sorting of the flavors of fragrance? It’s interesting how the varying intermingling of geography, lig… Continue reading

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July 6, 2008

Brian Eno | Ambience, Sound & Scent

…attracted, distanced, emotionally disconnected, or repelled. What is interesting is considering the idea between scent and music, ambience and experience design. To the concept of how this might be reliably defined, I believe there is no measure — even to Eno — about the concept of sound, or scent, in mapping music or scents, as noted in this blog capture [as per Taking Vetiver by Strategy: Brian Eno on Perfume | July 22, 2006. ]: &#8… Continue reading

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February 16, 2010

The fragrance of truth | exploring the emotionality of scent in brand and consciousness

…, told tales that aligned — that resonated — with these concepts. The extension on that strategy was scent — that building the brand, in a series of campaign messages, would be about the mystery of the woman in the construct of fragrance — and building this into a grouping of newly defined products, fragrance based, distinctly campaigned in all markets to the degrees that could be budgeted for. Scent of a woman: be unforge… Continue reading

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April 5, 2008

Exploring the community of scent | Sniffapalooza

…r Symrise, L’Artisan Parfumeur Bertrand and I’d connected at the event, exploring the history of his fragrance development. All about travel, wandering, studying, creating fragrance developments that gather experience in scent — Timbuktu (2004), for example, inspired by a unique blend of flowers, ointments, spices and woods that is used by women in the sensual African perfumery tradition. It was then, as well, that he’d in… Continue reading

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July 24, 2008

Robert Piguet | Designer, Scentmaker, Legend

…ild, I found myself savoring scents with this character. Bandit has been described consistently as lying in this fragrance realm of imagination and memory. I wanted that. Here are some references, to other interpretations: From The Scented Salamander comes this poetic refrain: “Since the Robert Piguet label was bought by Fashion Fragrances and Cosmetics Ltd., the company has re-introduced several perfumes from the former Parisian couture… Continue reading

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October 19, 2007


…or to the contrary, less than pleasant — and your psyche will link to this as a grouping of associations. Scent will be part of that as a psychic memory, infusing emotion… How should companies decide on which smell to use? Isn’t there a fine line between offending someone’s nose with a fragrance and pleasing it? Many companies test — and perhaps overly so — scents to consumers. The real key I might suggest is having a… Continue reading

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July 19, 2008

L’Officina Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella | Brandstory & Legacy in Fragrance

…0;wonderful. It’s aromatic and spiced, quite medicial at the opening, but very sweet and smart : a classic fragrance.” “you must give this scent TIME. It changes throughout the day and becomes less like potpourri and more like incense mixed with some spice. It really is like stepping back in time. I have had numerous compliments while wearing this fragrance. At first it does not smell like anything except potpourii. You must l… Continue reading

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