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Blog: You Could Get to Yes

A Meditation on An Answer I was listening to a toddler, who happens to be my year-old grandson Ellis, and he was saying “No.” Meanwhile, my other, first-received 4-year-old grandson Isaiah has a special way of saying “Yes.” It’s a precise diction he offers. He says it...

Blog: The Magical Alphabet

The journey of designers invariably involves the alphabet — and most of the rest of us — yet oftentimes we forget the majesty and depth of that system of ancient marks. And most don’t comprehend that the alphabet, while perhaps mostly seen as a series of antiquated...

Blog: The Concept of The Thing

What is the thing? As in every thing, I begin as a writer, I look into the heart and history of words, to learn more about their original heat — what was their sparking ignition? I contemplate my use of many words as deeper meditations on patterning. Where did the...