Tim Girvin has been giving motivational speaking presentations for many years -- artistically created from his own design journals, global travels and projects in other countries, client brand development and personal, even spiritual explorations. Every presentation that he offers is customized for his audiences and the character of his work continues to evolve to trending relevance.

He has delivered his brand of creativity, storytelling, strategy, design theory to wide varieties of groups, from small teams to conferences and events, larger companies to major corporations -- from team chats for a few employees to professional organizations with thousands of members.

A few of the companies and orginizations Tim has helped are AIGA , American Association For The Marketing Of Professional Services, American Institute Of Architects , American Marketing Association, Callison Architecture, Dallas Society Of Visual Communications, Dentsu Ginza Gallery, Designer's Roundtable, Envision | Sacramento, Essec Luxury (Paris), IBM , Industrial Design Society Of America, Insead (Paris) , JAGDA (Tokyo) , Japan Typography Association, Johnson & Johnson, LA Advertising Council, Luxury Marketing Council, Meisenbach Leadership Forum, Microsoft , Mulvanny G2 | Architecture, NBBJ Design, Neiman Marcus | Dallas, NYC Art Directors Club, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Pacific Markets International, Procter & Gamble, Rotary, San Francisco Art Institute, Seattle Advertising Association, Slc Advertising Federation, Type Director Club Of NYC, United Jewish Appeal Federation, University Of Washington , Walt Disney Company, Wharton School (Paris), and Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo | Architects And Designers.

For more information on how Tim can help stimulate the creative environment of your company, please contact GIRVIN at info@girvin.com.