Girvin | Strategic Branding & Design


GIRVIN built a
360° brand experience.

The story, the name and visuals,
interior design and service strategy
for Groupe Danone's new restaurant,
on Park Avenue, New York City.


A holistically
built experience.

GIRVIN worked with U.S. Food's leadership
to create a new restaurant concept.
Brand Strategy + Experience Strategy
Now rolling out nationally in US markets.


Upgrading a vision
of improved amenities
and guest care.

GIRVIN worked with Elaine and Steve Wynn
for refined, innovative designs & brand language
to better reflect the promise of
an exceptionally luxurious experience.


Pearlescent character in interiors,
guest experience and
integrated holistic design.

GIRVIN worked with the founders
to re-frame the existing Trader Vic’s
into a new concept—naming, identity,
environmental design, print and
Interactive design.


Layering the design of luxury
in a strategy of storytelling,
a thread of place-making journeys.

GIRVIN designed a series of restaurant experiences
in support of some of the top restaurateurs
and designers in the world.
Identity, signage, environment, collateral, packaging
for 19 restaurants and 15 retail stores.


Layers of branding and design
in restaurant storytelling
and holistic environments.

GIRVIN designed integrated experiences—
naming, print, signage, messaging,
product development and streetscapes,
for dozens of spaces within nine properties.


A retail dining experience,
fresh from the docks.

GIRVIN designed a complete identity,
new name, brandmark, signage, interior murals,
table design and settings—integrated into
the “fresh concept” of dining.


Every detail expresses a
larger holistic brand story

GIRVIN helped to develop the South Gate
restaurant concept, supporting naming, strategic
development, and interior design alliances.


Designing contemporary and
youthful vitality.

GIRVIN named and designed a variety of intimate
establishments for one of the biggest restaurant
service offerings in the Pacific Northwest,
the University of Washington,
turning as many as 15,000 meals per day.


Simpler, innovative
Mediterranean branding.

GIRVIN refurbished an existing restaurant
with new Mediterranean conceptions.
Identity, wall murals, merchandising & collateral
completed the wildly successful program.

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