We are a passionately creative community—and constantly tuned to strategically building our clients’ brand journeys forward.

We expand team knowledge and skills to grow, go aloft, to learn more, and keep going farther. The GIRVINists collectively ideate; we build expertise-backed solutions, empowered with a legacy of specialized experience.

Our heritage lies in a history of craft, bespoke type design, illustrating stories and holistic brand building—from day-one ideas to evolved enterprises. With a stake in consistently branding since 1973, we’re soaring higher and pushing deeper—creating beautiful brands in igniting legendary businesses.

There are feathered friends around the office—not real ones, of course—but quite a few artistic renderings and sculptures. Ravens have a special meaning for GIRVIN—they symbolize wisdom, intelligence, and transformation, qualities that we strive to embody and apply to our work. Our fearless leader, Tim, has actually befriended some local corvid cousins—everywhere he goes. Maybe it’s because he only wears black.