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Hell’s Gate

packaging design evolutions from an existing product offering to a completely refreshed branded, can solution program — cans, six packs and shippers.

Hell's Gate Can Label

Your Force
of Nature

The product is value-based, yet positioned on the higher end of this purchase relationship. Working closely with the sales team, testing various shelf modeling for internal review of impact and market presentation.

Girvin coordinated the development of the strategy of the campaign, all copywriting, graphics programs, implementing tactical solutions for merchandising, opening marketing and sales materials, as well as truck graphics applications.

Hell's Gate 15 And 12 Can Packaging

Hell's Gate Label BadgeHell's Gate Fridge Display

“I think you’ve nailed it! I am really pleased with the outcome and a special thanks to you and your team for being so diligent and open to keep working on further strengthening the concept. Excellent work!”

Anthony von Mandl | CEO and Founder