Lasting Smiles


Zoe Mesnik-Greene, the ideator and foundress of StartMark Brands, originated a business plan to create a “give back” product in the form of lip balm that would support Smile Train, an international children’s charity providing cleft lip and palate surgeries.

Lasting Smiles Logo

Brand Promise

In support of her visioning, GIRVIN’s team built a brand premise and voice, wrote core elements of her positioning, designed her brand from scratch including identities for StartMark and Lasting Smiles lip balm, product packaging, shelf set merchandising, and made key introductions to Whole Foods and Nordstrom in support of her efforts.

Lasting Smiles - A Cause
Lasting Smiles Close UpLast Smiles Shelf Dispenser

“Everything looks fantastic! I am so thrilled. A million thanks. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your amazing work!!!”

Zoe Mesnik-Greener | Founder (packaging)