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Marta Montenegro is a business woman, financial strategist and entrepreneur from Venezuela, that moved to the United States as an attaché for the Venezuelan embassy, as well as a Latin American journalist and editor.

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Being a committed fitness advisor in her home country, she built her own conception of training and diet that lead to the creation of her own specialized personal training facility and a book offering her experience and expertise. From her new home in Miami, she’s entered another level of editorial experience in creating her own magazine, SOBeFiT — based on healthy lifestyles in the South Beach area of Miami. That magazine is now distributed nationally. This was only the beginning of her enterprise — during an extremely challenging time for magazines of any type, SOBeFiT has continued to grow.

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Marta Montenegro ClothingMarta Montenegro Clothing

Marta Montenegro ClothingMarta Montenegro Clothing

GIRVIN’s team was brought on as human brand consultants, working on the creation of a new positioning focused on Marta as the apex of her publishing group, as well as building strategies for the evolution of her personal MM Branding organization. While being an established brand, the story of Marta Montenegro as a celebrity, certified fitness expert trainer, nutritional guide, sports medicine and rehabilitation consultant, editor in chief and publisher of SOBeFiT is just beginning. GIRVIN’s team is working on the continuing evolution of strategy in the emergence of her brand story and product development program.

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“I just wanted to THANK YOU for not just coming here with your experience and professionalism but also with your heart. I know that that is something that you don’t sign in any contract, but it is what victory means for me.”

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