In a string of collaborations, the GIRVIN team has partnered with the Bonniol creative leadership in masterful lighting and event-related cooperative design scenarios. The Bonniol’s leadership of MODE has led to powerfuly orchestrated rock concerts, corporate exhibits and displays, entertainment and on-board performances for international cruise lines, among a host of other captivating experiences.

GIRVIN’s team workshopped the brand in an international partnership assembly, built outcomes and designed strategies that wholly rethought the way the team could represent the brand as a series of studios, with an anchor identity and discrete solution sets for support practice areas.

“We fall further in love with the branding every day. The structural aesthetic and graphical sensibility have informed the new website fundamentally. Here’s what I go back to over and over – The BrandQuest®. I find context there, but I also find business development, process, and the soul. It’s become our Tabula Conferta, a slate inscribed fully with all of the key waypoints and ley lines.”

Bob Bonniol, Partner & Chief Creative Officer