NaturoMedica is a group of three remarkable visionaries that wanted to develop and launch a wholly new conception in naturally-focused healing, in conjunction with an expanding web model that would create more profound connections between healthcare practitioners and their patients as well as building an online retail presence and consultative modeling. After a search of resources, the team selected GIRVIN as their partner to create this new brand paradigm.

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GIRVIN took the leadership circle through an extensive grouping of BrandQuest® explorations in a workshop to generate the strategy, positioning, personality, storytelling, targets, beliefs, marketing planning, messaging and visual brand identity program.

The underpinning of the opening collaborations created the framing for a philosophical and visionary foundation, expressing the new brand ideologies for healing. The benchmark of this foundation concreted a holistic BrandCode® framing for brandmark, complete visual vocabulary, color systems, environmental and retail design, website consulting and collateral planning.

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NaturoMedica Marketing CollateralNaturoMedica Marketing Collateral

NaturoMedica Environmental DesignNaturoMedica Leaf Brand Pattern

NaturoMedica Marketing Outdoor SignageNaturoMedica Interior Signage

“We first met Tim Girvin when we were going through the process of selecting a firm to do the branding for our company NaturoMedica, an innovative medical clinic and store focused on naturopathic healthcare. GIRVIN had been consistently described to us as being ‘the best’ in the business. After a series of interviews, we chose GIRVIN to do all of our branding work from designing the logo and collateral materials to environmental design. It turned out to be one of the best decisions that we have made.

Being at the forefront of what is often referred to as ‘consumer driven healthcare’, we were in a position of needing a firm that could capture the personality of our company and translate our unique ideas and services into a powerful brand that consumers could relate to. The people at GIRVIN have a profound understanding of the relationship between branding and emotion and have a seemingly magical ability to capture the essence of a brand.

We spent a full day in BrandQuest® where the entire GIRVIN team facilitated the process of beginning to translate our vision into a meaningful brand. The people at GIRVIN really listened to what we were saying and helped us develop a brand that is unique to us. Every day we have customers commenting favorably on some aspect of our brand, whether it be the logo, the brochure or the clinic environment itself. People consistently talk about how our brand is an accurate reflection of the personality of our clinic. We could not ask for more.

Often, my experience with people like Tim, is that they do not live up to the hype surrounding them. This has not been the case with Tim Girvin. Tim and the rest of the team at GIRVIN surpassed our expectation in every way, capturing the unique essence of our brand with everything that they touched.”

Jill Monster, ND | Chairman and CEO | NaturoMedica