Plaza Home Mortgage

The Challenge

Curb appeal

GIRVIN’s challenge was to unite Plaza Home Mortgage’s authentic heritage with their improved technology, as well as to communicate their approachability and the benefits of having local offices that help communities and local businesses.

The Solution

Welcome home

Taking inspiration from San Diego’s fair climes (and the Plaza team’s own love of surfing), GIRVIN undertook to breathe a sunlit sense of welcome into the brand. We updated the brand colors and logo to reflect their savviness, friendliness and community-oriented, people-first attitude. With the foundation established, we supported the new identity and brand personality with print collateral, a reimagined website and digital assets, and a new brand guide to support systemic design thinking. A well-designed brand makes a welcoming place to come home to.

And Beyond

Our new logo illustrates what we do every day: bringing together programs, technology and expertise to consistently deliver for our clients.”

Kevin Parra | co-founder, chairman and CEO | plaza home mortgage