Language Learning For Kids

Rosetta Stone is a world-class language learning brand whose product architecture spans both consumer and enterprise & education categories. GIRVIN worked with Rosetta Stone to develop a Kids logo that fits neatly into the overall brand structure while establishing a fun, memorable image for kids.

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Rosetta Stone | GIRVIN | Branding & Logo Guide
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Each subject is represented by a different icon within the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass and icon together symbolize the child’s self-discovery of a particular subject.

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Rosetta Stone | GIRVIN | Branding & Logo Guide
Applying Your Learning

With Rosetta Stone, a world of language learning is available at fingertip level via mobile apps. The GIRVIN team worked with Rosetta Stone developers to establish a system of app icons that distinguish between enterprise and consumer sectors while expressing each discrete function.

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Keeping It Fun

Inclusion of a Kids logo within the existing Rosetta Stone brand guidelines necessitates development of an appropriate color palette, specific guidelines for use of the new mark, as well as recommendations for use in various media, especially within the emerging field of learning apps on smart phones. GIRVIN ensured that Rosetta Stone Kids staked out a distinct brand territory while complimenting the overarching brand.

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