SCCA Proton Therapy

The Challenge

Proton your thinking cap

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy wanted to create a more engaging, uplifting, and calming environment for patients and staff that communicated accessibility and trust.

The Solution

On fern ground

GIRVIN worked closely with Make it Matter and SCCA Proton Therapy to build a metaphorical healing design language to enhance patient experience. The fern—a plant native to the Pacific Northwest—was the perfect choice for conveying healing, growth, and hope. GIRVIN created dozens of graphical installations as well as a series of uplifting photographs of ferns and forests throughout the building, installed in key points of the patient’s journey within the exploratory, healing, and recovery cycle at the facility. GIRVIN also coordinated all the interior materials and furniture selection for the facility to complete the holistic experience.


The GIRVIN team has been phenomenal. They captured the essence of the Center’s mission with an iconic Pacific Northwest symbol, the fern, and enhanced the patient experience with up close and personal, life-sized images of the Pacific Northwest. We treat cancer patients. But the non-invasive nature of our treatment and the environment we have created with GIRVIN is transporting and rejuvenating patients and staff.”

Betsy Greer | director of business development & marketing