To emotionally connect with its current audience, Unionbay underwent a brand metamorphosis and renewal. The GIRVIN team led the transformation that superseded the usual pursuit of merely changing a thematic look and delved deeper by exploring the emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

Unionbay Website

The creation of the new Unionbay website utilized an analysis of Jungian archetypes to show Unionbay’s distinct place among other apparel brands. Under GIRVIN’s direction, the very mystery of Unionbay’s brand psyche was probed. GIRVIN incorporated the work of the renowned Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung into their BrandQuest® process during strategic sessions that helped Unionbay further its commitment to being dominant in the marketplace as a teenage brand. The result: Unionbay gets a new look, a new feel, a new psyche.

Unionbay Website

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“GIRVIN helped us to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to sell product. GIRVIN helped to show our product in a way that will help to increase sales.”

Cathie Underwood | VP of Licensing | UNIONBAY