The Challenge

Expanding the vision

Starting from humble beginnings, this Pacific Northwest family of restaurants began as a single steak and lobster restaurant in Bellevue, Washington, created by founder Budd Gould. Soon after, a waterfront location in Kirkland, Washington signaled what would become a signature feature of his restaurants: stunning waterfront views. With an eye towards creating memorable dining experiences across the region, Budd and his team consulted with GIRVIN to realize his vision.

The Solution

The Sound of success

During an interactive BrandQuest® session, GIRVIN interviewed restaurant leadership and staff, listening for clues to the evolution of the restaurant’s story. As we began creating identities and the iconic fish illustrations, what emerged was a cohesive narrative that expresses the overall brand while evoking a character appropriate to each location and community. Over time, the brand known as Anthony’s Restaurants has established an indelible presence in Seattle and around Puget Sound.

Client Perspective

“We’ve worked with Tim and his teams on the creation of our identity program for Chinooks at Salmon Bay – at Fisherman’s Terminal in Ballard. From there, we took the spirit of that design and carried it to a new umbrella graphics program for our overarching signature concept – Anthony’s Restaurants.”