The Challenge

Brand Storytelling

Develop a uniquely differentiated set of solutions for CBN, CBD and CBG product offerings.

The Solution

Holistic Branding

In collaborative brand development, GIRVIN works to identify solution pathways that support narrative—even in the development of these study options and explorations—with custom fontwork, illustrative content and storytelling visualizations. As we often ask: “what’s the story, who’s telling it, to what listening audience, and most crucially, who cares?” The key to all empowered brand movement, memorability is key. GIRVIN’s team listens and illustrates the holism of the experience.

And Beyond

The backwards N was genius! We love it, never letting go. Forever grateful for that in particular but all our explorations together :)”

Luke Anderson | Co-Founder | CANN Brands | Cann&Botl