The Challenge

Building the future

GIRVIN’s team was tasked with building a new identity for the Collins Woerman leadership team, partnering directly with the two founders of Collins Woerman: Arlen Collins and Mark Woerman, in support of a striking way to represent the brand in everything from on-site signage to architectural plans, in a way that evokes the intersection of their leadership brilliance, as well as symbolizing the interactive nature of architectural principles and construction.

The Solution

Detailing integrations

GIRVIN’s team conducted a series of team-based, interactive collaborations, interviewed team members for outlying beliefs and operating principles, then designed a sequence of studies aimed at positioning the notion of “certainty,” the O as a pivotal point of intersection, interactivity and collaboration, even serving as a launching element in presentations and website loading icons. The warmth of the color palette supports the human-leaning nature of their work, comprehensive placemaking and urban planning.