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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | Seattle

GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York


Broke Out
Of Its Shell

Emerald came to us with one goal in mind; create a brand strategy that’s nuts and disruptive. So that’s what GIRVIN did.

Emerald Packaging

Out with the Old

People said the old Emerald logo looked like a vintage automotive emblem. GIRVIN changed that by stripping away the metallic gradients and swapping out the dark reds with bright and energetic reds.

Emerald Logo Old
Emerald Logo New
Brand Typography

GIRVIN created a custom alphabet that would serve as a foundation for product names. Franklin Gothic was used to support Emerald Gothic.

Emerald Alphabet

Emerald Typography GlazedEmerald Typography SweetEmerald Typography MixedEmerald Typography Roasted

Emerald Packaging

Emerald Mini Can PackagingEmerald Mini Can Packaging

Sharing Pictures of our
Nuts with America

GIRVIN has brought Emerald to the forefront of branded social media with content that reflects the new brand identity and an energetic voice used to proactively engage existing, and potential community members. As a result the community size doubled and engagement tripled within a year.

Emerald Social Media Posts
Emerald Social Media Posts

“Thanks for all your support Tim & team. Packaging, Template and Sales kit all looks amazing. We are getting a lot done, learning and doing it in a short period of time. Many thanks for your partnership, cannot wait to launch this product in market.”

Miguel Leal | Sr. Vice President