Julie Campbell Design

The Challenge

Striving for Art Blanche

Julie Campbell, entrepreneur and designer and curator of a diverse collection of decor, art and craft related products, came to GIRVIN seeking to devise a unified platform on which she could provide her offerings to big-box retailers such as Michaels Stores. Her goal was to present a unified product set into the larger crafting retail environment as an established and recognizable brand.

The Solution

Crafting the Grand Design

GIRVIN, in participation with the J.Campbell team, conducted an in-depth BrandQuest® session resulting in a new brand identity, strategic messaging hierarchy, and a comprehensive brand guide to inform development of print and packaging applications as well as web presence.

And Beyond


GIRVIN proposed the idea of offerings organized around a color wheel scheme. In the final concept, we landed on a seasonal tertiary color palette that would be applied digitally.

And Beyond

Simply the best! That was such a fantastic experience. Your presentation is an excellent dive into all that JCampbell is.“

Julie Campbell | CEO + FOUNDER