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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | Seattle

GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York

Kerzner Atlantis


As a consulting strategist to Kerzner Resorts, focusing on key properties in Nassau, The Bahamas, GIRVIN’s role has extended far beyond strategically directed design.

Kerzner Atlantis Masthead
Kerzner The Reed Merchandising

For the development of tactical messaging and communications, GIRVIN’s NYC team conceived, wrote and designed an entire campaign and thematic strategy: “Awesome”, which ranged through print advertising and magazine insertions, mail print programs, collateral components and e-blast marketing and website.

The work has functioned to perform not only in the sequence of campaign strategy, but also in the reactive nature of creating solutions that are specifically designed to respond to shifting marketing scenarios and climate challenges.


Kerzner Atlantis Marketing CollateralKerzner Atlantis Marketing Collateral

Kerzner Atlantis Marketing BrochureKerzner Atlantis Marketing Brochure

“A great company and a great brand and, most of all, some really great people. I’m so glad you (and the GIRVIN group) have come into the folds of the Kerzner family and I know you will continue to be a part of things here because you are such a great fit! I have really enjoyed working with you!”

Laurie Frake | Marketing Executive Vice President