Naturo Medica

The Challenge

A natural connection

Three remarkable visionaries, upon graduation from Bastyr University, discovered that they shared a similar vision of what the future of healthcare should be. Together, they created a merger between Eastern and Western medicine for a holistic approach to healing. After careful consideration, they tapped GIRVIN’s creative team to develop and launch their new concept in naturally focused healing. These founders of Naturo Medica set out to create a unique, relationship-based setting that encourages patients to take a more participatory role in their healthcare.

The Solution

A caring environment

The GIRVIN team ushered the leadership circle through an extensive grouping of BrandQuest® workshops to establish the brand positioning, personality, storytelling, target audience, market positioning and visual identity program. The environmental design creates a feeling similar someone’s living room, welcoming and comfortable for patients. In addition, an expanded web presence aims to foster a more profound connection between healthcare practitioners and their patients, building the online retail presence while supporting consultative relationships.


We chose GIRVIN to do all of our branding work from designing the logo and collateral materials to environmental design. It turned out to be one of the best decisions that we have made. Often, my experience with people like Tim, is that they do not live up to the hype surrounding them. This has not been the case with Tim Girvin. Tim and the rest of the team at GIRVIN surpassed our expectation in every way, capturing the unique essence of our brand with everything that they touched. Every day we have customers commenting favorably on some aspect of our brand, whether it be the logo, the brochure or the clinic environment itself. People consistently talk about how our brand is an accurate reflection of the personality of our clinic. We could not ask for more.”