The Challenge

Powering PNNL

The executive leadership, scientific officers and PNNL’s HR team were considering a set of messaging solutions that support tiers of communications with various demographic sectors, from partnering business communities, to constituents in the TriCities area of Washington state, to messaging that reaches out to potential new hires as recruitment opportunities. PNNL was also thinking about creating a warmer, welcoming environment for the reception area that could in addition serve as an exhibit area, communicating PNNL’s brand messages and success stories.

The Solution

PNNL’s Potential

GIRVIN’s design teams conducted a series of three BrandQuest® workshops, beginning with extensive interviews of scientific leaders at PNNL in order to produce a series of messaging constructs—“PNNL science and technology inspires and enables the world to live prosperously, safely, and securely”—and visualizations for in-person and online implementation founded on a newly defined vision: “We transform the world through courageous discovery and innovation.”

Client Perspective

Brand and Tim Girvin are synonymous to me, having hired and worked with Tim and his team at both my previous companies. Creative, inspiring, evolutionary, and the ultimate visionary in all things branding, Tim Girvin possess the absolute talent, experience, and knowledge to take any brand to the next level. In addition, he has the business acumen to understand your needs, expectations and overall goals on how to increase, sustain and maintain, your brand and its equity in the market place.”

Patricia Mosley | Director of Brand Marketing | PNNL