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Yogurt Culture Company

The Challenge

Yogurt-a try this

Dannon sought our help to explore the idea and potential framework for their first retail store: a fresh and frozen boutique yogurt shop in New York City. Their mission was to provide an all-natural, farm-fresh experience. We began the journey with a BrandQuest® workshop and came up with the name The Yogurt Culture Company.

The Solution

Thank you dairy much

Along with creating the name, we helped develop a cohesive personality, strategy, and marketing plan, and then built out the identity and desired messaging to be used in the visual telling of the brand. Once the strategy was established, we crafted other brand elements that could be extended to the new retail space for a holistic brand experience. To that end we also managed the architectural design work, interior design and material specifications, interior and exterior signage, and extended the design language to environmental graphics, interior merchandising displays, uniforms, and containers—all to reflect the YCC story!