The Challenge

Meeting around the bush

Therm-a-Rest sought out GIRVIN to consult on development of strategic positioning, identity program and packaging design for their innovative product line, as well as to frame the corporate presentation in the outdoor marketing arena.

The Solution

Bold comfort

Using our proprietary BrandQuest® facilitated workshop tools, we camped out together to listen, explore, learn and define a marketing attitude for the Therm-a-Rest product line. Our team worked closely with their leadership and marketing teams to build a new messaging framework, as well as product strategies and outcomes. The identity and design were expressed consistently throughout all media, packaging and product marketing.

And Beyond

I want to thank all of the Girvin folks who have done a great job in creating exciting new Therm-a-Rest models and revising the packaging to call attention to these new models. The market research that has been done on this project indicates that Therm-a-Rest is known by 93% of specialty sporting goods customers. With these improvements, I expect this percentage to continue to grow and provide for strong Therm-a-Rest sales in the future. This project provides a great example of what is needed for each of our brands to remain a leader in their specialty area.I believe that the new Therm-a-Rest logo that your team created retains enough similarity to the old logo to be recognized by Therm-a-Rest’s millions of loyal customers while indicating that there is something new and exciting in the package.”