West Coast Paper

WCP Solutions

The Challenge

Beyond our wildest reams

From its roots as a wholesale paper distributor, the former West Coast Paper Company has grown along with the needs of its many clients. Originally founded by R.A. Abrams on March 1, 1930, selling basic packaging supplies such as brown wrapping paper, tying twine and bags to the merchants in Seattle’s public markets. RA Abrams’ reputation became the platform for years of growth and success. Once operating out of a Ford Model A, WCP had grown in size and services to operate a fleet of modern trucks, supplying everything its client’s needs from paper and packaging supplies to janitorial and facility equipment, food service and equipment solutions. Company leadership realized they needed to examine corporate expression from the name up to better reflect company personality, capabilities and strengths.

The Solution

Hello, yellow!

GIRVIN conducted interviews in order to construct a storyboard for examination of potential strategic dimensions for vision, mission, personality, metaphors, catalysts for positioning, and to conclude with a recommendation for direction. We used this framework to conduct a day-long interactive BrandQuest session, culminating in the necessary criteria for name development, design of the new identity, and extension of that identity to everything from print and web to vehicles and clothing, all commensurate with the company vision: “To meet the needs of our customers with products, services and consulting solutions that sustain the power of our clients’ enterprises with excellence and pride.” To this day, we are pleased to see these big yellow trucks serving their communities all over the region.

Client Testimonial

After decades of regional brand recognition as West Coast Paper, with a widely seen brand identity, the executive leadership established a plan to transition to a new name and began a brand evolution and strategic design project.

We hired the Girvin team to help us really figure out how to do that in the best and most efficient way. And that’s what they did–taking us through a brand charrette, a workshop they call the “BrandQuest®” which gave us key foundations to rebuild the positioning of the brand.

That thinking took us to new ways of considering our brand, our story–our shift to solutions and innovation in our changes in direction–message, our website, our vehicles and how we relate to our client communities, throughout the Western states region, up into Alaska. Great team, very collaborative development, precise outcomes and expert and experienced all along the way. With WCP | Solutions, we’re set to move on another 80 years of growth.”

David Yonce | President & COO | wcp solutions