Wild Alchemy Café

The Challenge

Smoothie Transition

The power of change, or transmutation, is an essential principle of alchemical thinking—and it’s all about balance, symmetry, and equality. Wild Alchemy founder Colleen Morgan, and partner Alison Davis, wanted to bring this principal to the forefront of their organic cafe. They had a dream about a mystical amalgam of nutrition and thoughtful plant-based deliciousness to bring preventive support, healing manifestation, and wholesome health-making foods. But how to build this as a disciplined design system, and have it translate smoothly to a franchising program?

The Solution

So Munch Better!

GIRVIN partnered with the founding team to build a unified solution set that conceptually strings directly back to foundational brand strategy sessions (our way-finding BrandQuest®). Our team drafted a naming strategy, created identity and design systems, signage solutions, brand patterning, packaging, print, and menu systems. All for a transformative and cohesive look.

And Beyond

Yes, its been a great success! Our customers love the new brand.
And…there is so much more in store 🙂
I believe in you and your team! “

Colleen Morgan | Founder | Wild Alchemy Cafés