Embracing change | Brand Strategies for Innovation

The Quest for the New, in Remembering the Past Contemplations on brand innovation and evolution patterning I bought a new car in Portland, Oregon, and I recalled my days working down here. Time goes by. And back then, I was working with Lloyd Reynolds—and later, a...

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NGISED Backwards | The Proposition of Design Thinking

When we study “design thinking, it comes back to a sequence of thoughtful evaluations and engagement with analysis—but too, an exploration of the context of emotion—as tactics are framed to capture feelingness, which flow into the humanity of brand, untethered...

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Into the Rave[n]

The Quest for Creative Inspiration, Imagination and Personal Iconography I photographed this bird in the Himalaya— in Bhutan, a place of the Raven Gods. As some know, I have a long history with Ravens—the birds. This comes from earlier, childhood and mystical...

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