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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | Seattle

GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York

GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | San Francisco

Blog: Designing Spiritual Spaces

SPIRITSP[L]ACE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THAT IS THE MOST PROFOUNDLY POWERFUL, SPIRITUALLY RIVEN, MAGNETICALLY CAPTIVATING PLACE? WHAT’S UNFORGETTABLE? Some know about my experiences, early on, bringing artist / designer James Turrell to Seattle, as a COCA board member,...


WALKING THE LONG WAY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY MEDITATIONS ON YOU AND YOUR EARTH. Each of us has a relationship to the Earth, what we know of her, how we’ve traveled her pathways, what doors we might have seen and how, perhaps, we have opened them....

Blog: Morgan

AI Design Strategies: Can AI work as Creative in the Movie Business? With the plethora of new AI development stories, how far can these applications stretch? IBM’s Watson thinks it can step in. I was studying some content on Adweek, about a new modeling for search and...