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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | Seattle

GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York

Monthly Desktop Background: Re-tile your desktop

This month’s design comes from our senior designer MacKenzie Mason. Having been a part of the GIRVIN team for almost two years, MacKenzie is known for her exceptional illustration work, packaging design, and incredible eye for detail. Those who work with her witness...

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Monthly Desktop Wallpaper: Alphabet Soup

This month’s design comes from our senior designer Kevin Henderson. He has been a part of the team at GIRVIN for over 15 years, working in everything from print and packaging design to exhibition and environmental graphic design, with a focus on name development and...

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The Distant Avenue: The Craft, The Wins, The Failures and The Way Further

Sienna, Italia Ὁ βίος βραχύς, ἡ δὲ τέχνη μακρή, ὁ δὲ καιρὸς ὀξύς, ἡ δὲ πεῖρα σφαλερή, ἡ δὲ κρίσις χαλεπή. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Vīta brevis, ars longa, occāsiō praeceps, experīmentum perīculōsum,iūdicium difficile. Life is short, and art long, opportunity...

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