How do you design for the impending potency of silence? This was a problem presented to GIRVIN when tasked with developing the movie title for John Krasinski’s directorial debut “A Quiet Place.” The process, for us, begins with the script. Located in a secure spot at Paramount Studios, we studied the script and the preliminary set designs, spoke with the studio executives and designers.

As designers, we focus on what the film means for these executives and for the creators, approaching the design strategically and encapsulating what the film means to them, through creative design. We work to captivate not only the future audience, but our clients as well.

Sound in “A Quiet Place” is immediately established to be something incredibly dangerous in this near future post-apocalyptic world. The characters communicate via sign language and Krasinski masterfully brings the audience into this auditory game. We sought to capture this when creating the movie title for “A Quiet Place.” Check out some of the renditions below.