This month’s design comes from assistant designer Jude Dacula. Known for his insane ability to juggle multiple projects and somehow meet every deadline, Jude is a master when it comes to user experience, motion design, creating websites and digital assets. Although he only joined GIRVIN two months ago, Jude has already become indispensable to the team. When he’s not helping the office with anything from social posts to illustrations to photography to automotive questions, you can find Jude going on long road trips, eating delicious food, and utilizing boomerang on Instagram.

Here’s what he has to say about his inspiration for this month’s wallpaper. “I decided to create something that’s been trending in the design community. The brutalist graphic style with lots of distorted type, dark tones, and high contrast colors has been in trend for a while this year. It’s always fun catching up with trends and see what’s in right now, it also serves as a nice little design practice. Ultimately trends aren’t really what’s cutting edge but it’s what people like right now and that’s what makes it fun.”

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