This month’s design comes from our newest senior designer Corey Campbell. Not only does he have an awesome alliterative name, he has joined the GIRVIN team seamlessly, bringing with him his sense of humor and dedication to perfection. As a northwest native, Corey has already made waves with his logo work as he enjoys translating each unique brand’s identity into visual reality. In addition to logos, he specializes in packaging and building systematic strategies, always looking for ways to push limits and inspire new ideas. When he’s not at GIRVIN, you can find Corey nurturing his brunch addiction, hiking with his fiancé, and having a jam sesh with friends.

“The inspiration for this background comes from two photos I took during a recent trip to Oregon and the imagery and experience are still very fresh in mind. I love working with photography and this collage-style approach is not something I get to do very often for actual clients, so it seemed like a perfect expression of something I enjoy in design as personal work. The color manipulation and editing of the photos also echo my own creative expression.”

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