This month’s design comes from our senior designer MacKenzie Mason. Having been a part of the GIRVIN team for almost two years, MacKenzie is known for her exceptional illustration work, packaging design, and incredible eye for detail. Those who work with her witness first-hand her passion for hand-craft and love seeing it incorporated into her design work, providing revelatory solutions to sometimes complex problems. That’s why it’s fitting that her background design comes from a hand chiseled stamp also known as linocut. MacKenzie thinks up her best ideas while exploring the outdoors, traveling to new places, and cuddling with her dog.

“When designing, I love to mix hand-crafted work with technology. I love that you can combine imperfect lines, textures, and organic feeling of hand-done work with the ability to color correct, duplicate, and cmd+z (undo) on the computer. I try to find opportunities to step away from the computer and get my hands dirty by drawing, painting or getting crafty like this background design with a linocut. After the artwork is created by hand, I scan it to edit on the computer. This is by far my favorite design method to add a personal touch and make truly unique designs.”

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MOBILE: iPhone XS \\\ iPhone XS Max \\\ iPad Pro