This month’s design comes from our senior designer Kevin Henderson. He has been a part of the team at GIRVIN for over 15 years, working in everything from print and packaging design to exhibition and environmental graphic design, with a focus on name development and corporate identity. More polymath than specialist, Kevin’s design activities are supplemented and informed by his parallel interests in aviation and teaching, plus moderate obsessions with cycling, Sudoku and crossword.

“In design as well as in nature, I have always enjoyed the relationship between order and chaos. Too much order and things become static and boring, too much chaos and the mind starts searching for any bits of order it can find. Good examples are the many constellations that have been named and mythologized, or the “man in the moon” (or the “moon rabbit” for the Chinese!). In this chaotic wallpaper image, you may find as many as eight people or words associated with June. Enjoy.”

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