Anytime? Are you always on?

In the work of brand, are you ever off, or always on?

I was walking this remote road, and I found this sign in the middle of anywhere, no where — “ANYTIME.”

When I find signs like this, I’m prone to ponder their meaning — as if there is a deeper poetry to what’s being said.

I’m sure you might do something like that on your own contemplations and journeys, looking deeper into the context of content.
The shaping of content comes in many forms, the point to that learning is what is not only the obvious

but that which lies beneath.

In working on a recent brand, we talked about the layering of community development and the rippling of messages and storytelling in the context of hybrid socialized media. And — to anytime, and responsiveness, we talked about “always on.”

I ponder: is, in “all ways: on” as a more potent metaphor?

Anytime, is there an “on” that you’re forgetting, in the layering of brand experience design thinking and strategy?
When you design the rippling of a brand,
in the sheathed layers of perceptive experience,
the touch could be,
should be,
all ways

Anytime? Are you always on?
Photo: Dawn Clark, AIA AP | Istanbul, Türkiye

I walk into a place.
And I smell it.
I look at the luminosity of that place.
I feel the soles of my feet, on the old stones, concrete, the crunch of gravel.
There is a breeze that comes from the hallway,
that’s where the scent comes from.
Flavored tobacco, grilled lamb,
mint, cut grass, upturned dirt,
the wash of salt from a marine breeze.
It flows by like a story,
and I gather an impression —
a moment in momentum.
The point is that the layers of
sensationalism play to
a strategic attitude of


When you think about it, what’s a brand experience that, to your take
is a brand that has been catalyzed as

In asking this question of consumers,
I hear:

What about you,

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