I found this story, and thought I’d post it. It’s from a couple of years ago, but it is still layered with details about how I see this store.

I offer this grouping of images, shot at Apple’s new store in NYC on 5th and Central Park South, as a kind of oriflamme to new dimensions in retail — a banner, in a way, expressing to my thinking, a kind of courage. While emblematic of Apple’s visual strategy, and their goal of growing 40 stores a year to their business growth acumen, it’s still a unique installation, with delicately calibrated details that would make any designer drool. Working there, I strolled and shot…

From the outside. In…

oriflamme OR-uh-flam noun

: a banner, symbol, or ideal inspiring devotion or courage

The original “oriflamme” was the banner of Saint Denis, a patron saint of France who is said to have been the first bishop of Paris. Middle English speakers referred to this red or reddish orange banner using the Middle French term “oriflamble,” from Old French “ori flambe,” meaning “small flag.” From the 12th to the 15th centuries, French kings carried the banner into battle as a way of inspiring their troops. This tactic met with such success that, by 1600, English speakers were using “oriflamme” to refer to any group’s rallying symbol.

The procession begins:

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