I thought about you when exploring this idea.

Imagine large scale hand and fingertip gestures in managing, enlarging, reducing and exploring digital imagery files, transparently, on a massive screen, shared in action, two people, with multiple imagery controls in your fingertips.

Big, live working collaborations. With pictures and drawing. And deep digital files. Online or otherwise.

Good morning, design and technology traveler.




Facile image sliding and file gathering.

Transparency and overlay features with endless zoom.


Keypad notations — or by hand scribbling and notations.





Clustering and storing imagery files.



Philip K. Dick would be happy with this representation of new directions in image and information pliability taken to a gestural level. The visual character of the presentation was representative of that Spielberg film with Tom Cruise as a advanced crime tracker, sorting out criminals before the crime is committed. What is that the name of that film, for an extra two points?
(MINORITY REPORT | Also Philip K. Dick)

This was an extraordinary presentation of this new visual exploratory and collaborative tool shown yesterday at TED. The model focused on a touch screen technology, dramatically oversized screen scale, and software that allows the use of hand manipulation and imagery movement tools, as well as drawing, graphing, imagery manipulation in colorations, overlays, filtrations and two handed, or four handed dual image play and formatting.

You get a hint, above.

Hyper cool — and so much so that…well, there’s even more to explore on how this works. I’ll play with it today, and let you know more…if you are interested.

Wishing well, all ways —

tsg | m o n t e r e y @ TED