NYTimes | Executive Pursuits | Personal business | 3.24.2007

Heavy bag (and you know who you are), meet this fist | Harry Hurt III

What I like about this is that I know that | this space very well. And in a way, it seems like I’m always working in that (semi) martial space — either fighting myself, or fighting, figuratively, another; and I don’t know if it’s graceful, or well-tuned, or the rhythm is right, but it’s what I’m looking for: a fight.

What do I mean about that? Of course there are levels to fighting — and fighting is allegorical; it’s a metaphor, and an archetypal surge. The good fight is perhaps about living? Isn’t the most potent fight to find flow?

Fighting right is about taking advantage of your conditioning and your mind fullness to breach a winning positioning. And what is it that we do, I do, to accomplish that? Almost everything we do is about fighting for the right position — getting the right placement in relation to your opponent and right positioning (of idea, content and visualizations so our clients can win.)

And what happens in fighting? You must be looking at your opponent constantly; you must be measuring the use of your reserves — preserving them, strengthening them, listening to them; you’ve got to be graceful, your movements should be synchronized to aid your set up and preparations — and, when you are ready to punch, or to receive, you must be ready to take the blow and | or set up to give it.

Interesting then, in reviewing this article, how the modeling is there for others, as well — pretty basic. And, of course, I think that you can create plenty of other allegories yourself, right?

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