Brand Fight Club
Can you fight?
Perhaps you’ve had some exposure to boxing?

You know what comes of it.

Brand Fight Club

The movement is a dance —
it’s a whirling and spinning spar —
a jumping and explosive hip hop
to reach out in a ring, ‘round you.

All of the training is about speed and stamina — holding power under grace, it’s about standing your ground in a manner that is defensibly strong, balanced and lightning aware.

Brand Fight Club

In your work, as designer, brand manager and leader,
you’ll be surveilling your extra sphere of actionthe ring of being
what’s happening around you.

Your survival of the bout will be about:
Study the dance — when your opponent moves, how is that dance expressed?
Brand dances, in the metaphor of boxing.

Sly and unassuming, yet assertive
and efficiently planned?

Smashing and clunking
out into the market,
a wrecker.

A loose sparring partner,
wildly swinging, with big moves that
can land a strike but more often than not,
a miss and subject to an undercut cross blow.

Imitative and mirroring.
Copy cat — laying traps that it gets caught in.

The Peaceful Warrior.
Seems to move to a higher principle, a different calling?
Comes in with a different note and leaves a different song in the air.

Muscle Head.
Usually loud, bruised and battle-scarred
and uses scare tactics to lay down victories.
Size does matter, except
for the fleetness and lightness of being.

As a symbologist,
I look for hidden messages,
underlying meanings,
notes from behind and beneath.

As you contemplate your work,
go deep.
Go deeper.

And what do you stand for?


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