Brand sage

Seeking the Wisdom of The Sage, the Leader of the Brand

In any journey,
you’ll go further if you go to the heart,
the center, the fire of the leadership chamber —
it is about the path to knowledge.

When you work on,
or inside,
a brand,
when you take a journey to learn, to explore,
how far do you go?
How deep?

When I go, I go deep,
right to the center,
the heart, the leader.

Without being there, at the center, the heart, the foundation,
how can you know what you’re doing, what the story is,
who owns it, who tells it, who’s listening, and who cares?
You can sense the telling if it comes from the person that owns it, owns the story.
And invariably, brands are, to whatever tiers or layers of engagement,
will inherently be about telling, and holding.
Who is telling the story, who listens,
which of those listeners embrace — and hold — that telling?
The leader, who should be the true sage of that story,
is the one to connect with —
on that journey.

Go to the sage,
the one that owns the story,
to listen, to sense, to behold.
The holistic nature of
the vibe, the cult and culture
will be shown —
most brightly – there.
Brand sage
Some journal notations —
you, your journey, the circle ’round you.
And what do you see?
Brand sage
Brand sage

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