Can you get thru?
The inward and outward flow of brand experience design.

I was trying to make a connection with a team, a brand, and — like most of you — I was on-hold, then waiting, then holding, then waiting — and finally; and
I was passed along to another, who had no clue about my call.
In a manner, the idea of thru-ness and through-put of experience design, it’s always about the layering of pathways. And how is the experiencer allowed to link to their own sense of touching points in their journeying; and two how we, as designers,
might be guided to
and experience.

I come in.
I go here.
Your design points me there.
Your notations in sensuality
the sensationalist strategy of experience —
will set trans-sensational pathways for
how the experiencer
will transit in the clarity of place-making
and the resolution of visioning.
Touch, taste, scent, sound, sight
will become clearer.

To the notion of through put, what if everything is wired to sensationally link? What could that represent, to strategy. We see this already in the layering of digital connectivity in retail design. And like the ads calling out in movies like iRobot, or Minority Report where fugitives can’t hide, ad venues recognize them transiting through their scanning space and advertorial messages are pushed at them.

That visioning to content could be found in this modeling, bearing in mind that simply to view this visualization you will have to push through a barrage of advertising, shielding your journey to this one idea.

Can you get thru?

But — can you get through, if you’re being pushed?
A question.
Can you get thru?

Tim | GIRVIN | Pike Place Studios
Girvin Cloudmind | http://bit.ly/eToSYp