Could you feel me?

Feeling in the world of design, sensation and brand

In the midst of scientific tabulation, the downloading of massive arrays of data, the swirls of crowds, the whorls of trend and the waves of movement, it might be said that ultimately it will come down to one thing:

How does it feel?

In my journeys around the planet, working or exploring — or both — I find myself.
And in all the studies of place, people, sensation and taste,
I still go to the center of feeling.

I could react to a place by
studying the calculated candle power,
the math of lumens in a lit space,
or measuring acoustics,
or touch the materiality of texture and
study the nature of epidermal reaction —
sense heat, scent fragrance,
examine taste,
or bask in the wholeness of sight —
gathering in
the whirlpools of impression, measuring the character of messages and visuals.

All that could be done — but in the end,
it will be:

How does it

In leading thoughtful teams,
my key offering is the sensate one.
Nice design,
but how does it feel?
Good package, but..?
Nice interiors, but..?
Pretty logo but..?

I like the feeling of that.

And of course, what is the thinking journey of the story that unfolds?
Cool story, but who cares if there’s no feeling?
What do you hold?
What is carried away with you?

Could you feel me?

My work will always start, and end, with feeling.
Since in the reality of my legacy, that’s where it all started.

I like how that feels.
Could you feel me?

Feeling is:
a gathered-up rope work of decades of experience —
it is the braiding of time and moments, and
the momentum it brings;
it ties knots in
the memory of holding something in your heart,
it synchs up
the layering and interlacment of impressions
that do just that:
they make an im-pression.
They imprint.

And they
become part of you.

The Strategy of Holism | Emotionality
and Design Engineering

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