Photo by Alex Erikson | Capezio Brands
Dance Library of Israel at the Harvard Club.

The annual gala this year awarded Paul Terlizzi, CEO of Capezio, its prize for outstanding achievement and contributions to the arts and dance community. And we’re proud to be partners with Paul Terlizzi, his teams, and Capezio for the last half decade, and this year, in completing yet another branding evolution for the organization in the merged strategies and visualizations of Capezio Balletmakers and Capezio Brands, Girvin’s strategic reference to a new overarching tactical implementation. More will be revealed on this in Girvin’s new website, to be launched in the next couple of weeks. In the interim, in this photograph by Alex Erikson — Tim Girvin and Paul Terlizzi at the President’s Room, The Harvard Club. Dance, the most energetically vital of creative expressions, motion song, embodied trance, captivates the swayed, motivates the participant; magic unfolds in the eyes, the bodies, the all, of all.


Congrats, Paul!