See this?

I was thinking about you.

And I thought about this idea.


Remember this book?

Harold and the Purple Crayon.

I’ve had a dream about this idea – the notion of drawing something, that moves and comes to life in a breathed animation. You might have seen some of my animations on Ravens, Wanderers, alphabets or brushstrokes — patternings, or other drawings that come to something else, anew. They are one thing, then they are another; they live in line; lines live. They are planar, then they go someplace else. You can dream that, for certain. But can you make it happen? How do you dimensionalize a grease pencil line stroke? Or a brush stroke?

This seemed close — but the character of an object being, as it were, calligraphic, waterwashed and brushdrawn, is another layering of the visual experience, as you twist and turn in the landscape of the mind. Or the white paper that has no end; it’s a sea, that flows through. You flow through.

Titling design goes there, but in a different way. This tells a story in a divergent manner. The transparency of the character is compelling; it’s captivating. At least for me. Then I thought of you.

Wishing every wellness to you.

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