Emergency Branding

Brand Medicine, 101.

In our history, there are times when brand, their organic systems, begin to falter.
— They don’t speak to a community, or they forgot who they were talking to, what they were relating, carrying a story and a product to a certain audience. As in the emergency room, systems falter, and asynchrony occurs — brands babble, palpitate, quiver in uncertain tremor and
their circulation is stenotic. They might be bleeding — income and expense alignments are fractured.

I was thinking about working with P&G CEO A. G. Lafley — then, our work was about new brands and innovation — aligning consumer sets with latent and underutilized P&G technology and formulations towards the building of new brands to fit openings, globally, for new “circulation.” Now, in another form of emergent procedures, it might be a surgical divestiture — he’s cutting away brands that are failing to perform.
An emergency intervention.
What it comes down to — up to — and through — is:
relevance — the pertinence of brand;
resonance — the emotional magnetism of a brand’s proposition
and finally, the relationship
what we think of as the three “r’s.”

Relevance is etymologically aligned to “relieve” and offers something to relief. Brand relief.

Resonance, is all about sound [literally, to re-sound] — the vibe of brand, does it echo back; and we know that any real brand is about story reflectivity; it’s a story that resounds, sounds back, echoes — a vibe that bounces back; it reverberates, like a deep note. A heart beat to our emergency and medical allegory.

And relationship — that is all about, to its linguistic legacy, “recounting and telling,” a referring or reporting, from relatus, to stand in reference, to report. A relationship, a relating, to establish in creating a relationship. Healthy — they grow and roll out as a community, organically expanding. Brands grow in that shared rhythm.

We tend to think, act, dream, and do the work of brands in design as a layering of allegory, the quest for symbolic meaning and archetypal evocations back to
the heart and soul of brand.

That’s how the story goes.
Emergency Branding
Deeper. Meaning full. Layered. Organic.

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