T H I N G S   T H A T
W E   F O U N D
I N   T H E   F I R E

Meditations on fire.

Meditations on Fire

On the poetry of the work.
Finding fire.

In the consideration
of passing, things move
on. Moments flicker.
Friends pass. Teams evolve. Brands move.

Miracles whorl.

And new things come out –
in another understanding.
In the passage of events,
learnings turn, discoveries

translate, and in this,
visions emerge.
Fire and the firing
is like that — the

Meditations on Fire

metaphor of things
transformed, objects
translate to new
revealing. And in the

person, the discovering
of fire, what is seen –
is changed. Wandering
as I have, over the world

I’ve seen the agent of
fire, in prayer, in offerings.
That taking something to fire,
changes it to another force

Meditations on Fire

the spiritual smoke of
migration — from one
dream, to another.
Scent, incense, curls.

That object, newly made
in the alchemy of flames
becomes something newly
seen and empowered. You

watch it go up to the
starbound skies and it
mixes that essence with
the wind, the song in the

trees, and is made anew
while the rest of the
earth seems stable.
In that magic balance of

the one to the other,
fire creates a new
migration, of the made
to a new dream.

Meditations on Fire

Sitting by fire, offering
something to it, taken
to the flames, it goes
and anew, to seeing.

And you learn something
in that passage, the heat
molds your watchful
sight, sense is tuned.

Meditations on Fire

And you too become
one with the flame,
the dream, the prayer
called away, then to it.

Design, as sign and signature,
is the agent of
Like fire, as in passion,
it burns, changes everything,
transforms and ignites.

And brands
on fire
hard to ignore.

tim | GIRVIN | decatur island studios