What site, sighted?

What sighting, sited?

What citing, site — in sight?

There’s always a sense between place, and presence and story. But the real challenge is — who’s listening? And if there’s a story, then how is it told?

Being here in Firenze, what I wonder about is: what are the people here for? The art, the streetscape, the sense of space and place — the idea of history? Some that, some, to other things. But watching, you can see more of the focus — that might be the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the meandering Arno, hillocks — Tuscan, rising there?

It seems, in a way, that there’s a story everywhere, in the genetics of this place and the people here. And what the point becomes, is what meaning to the gesture of the telling, what story told, that means anything to the listener and the experienced?

And being among perfumers, and listening to them — is that it’s about smoke, the vanishing story — there’s an imaginary presence, a telling, that disappears in a moment. It’s there, then it’s gone. And you come back to it because it’s newly discovered — it’s re-discovered, yet again.

What I’m finding is that I’m looking for stories, and what images might be found, and how they might be told? And, finally, who cares about them? What care could be nurtured, in finding that care?

But, to image, while I wander — I’m looking:

Firebugs, over the Arno ~

Go, greenman, go!

Last light, prevailing ~

Duomo, votive offertory ~

And more seen, here: tower leap — with camera ~

more soon, these adventuring(s)!

warmest —

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