What about personality, to brand, to trend, to direction? Every time I connect with a brand, there’s a person involved. Funny, isn’t that? I believe sometimes, that we forget about that. We think about the business proposition; there’s a personality, sure. And there’s planning to commerce, action in play. What happens? What happens is about people and other people? And how those people connect and communicate. I’ve had a chance to connect with a person that lives — inherently — in the space of what’s happening with people and how they shop. Not necessarily about retail planning, visualizations, merchandising strategies. Alone. But it’s about the people and the trends of those people in great surging tides that link to how they think about what’s happening in the world, what’s happening to them, and what this means to their sense about shopping and acquiring, in a word, more.

I’ve been working with Wendy Liebmann and her team — along with her partner Candace Corlett. The power of these two is about who they are — as people; it’s about the energy and vitality of them and how they tell their story. And their business, which is global, is about seeing what trends and psychic movements there are, and how these translate to situational shifts in thinking about shopping. Shopping, it’s a simple thing. You see. You know. You buy — the story, the product, the store, the world that’s there, within. And it is a world. There’s a world that made that happen.

But back to people. Aside from the insights, the brilliant “looking”, writing about them, thinking about them and advancing ideas — it is about the packaging of delivery. And that will be part my job, over time, exploring how that might work in evolutionary advancement. The packaging of delivery — putting it out there, delivered, packaged. And if it’s a person, it’s how that person is delivered.

If you have a chance, I’d suggest that you listen to Wendy. And that you have a chance to experience her in person. As a human brand, she’s live. And that you should listen to Candace. She’s live. They are the brand. Light. Fire.?

Brands are people.

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